Hands up survey at Millen

Rowena Barron
Millen Primary School

We completed our survey this week, as a second attempt at getting the program up and running. Amazingly, as we haven't made any changes or encouraged our community to change, our school has recorded some excellent results with a 19% decrease in those driving to school, 42% increase in walkers and a fantastic 140% increase in those cycling to school.

While its possible an increase in walkers is due to more parents working from home due to the year that has been, the increase in cycling can almost certainly be attributed to the new bike cage that was installed recently. Incredible what a small change like that can make!

The results have really excited our "Your Move" team to see what we can achieve in 2021 after promoting and implementing our plan. Watch this space.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rowena - yes, there are often a few influencing elements in survey results, but I agree that your big bike infrastructure improvement would certainly have been an important factor. Great to hear that the results have also inspired the team for next year. You automatically earned 50 points from uploading your "end of year" survey results and I have just also given you little bonus of 5 for your interesting reflection and 3 points for your photo (I inserted it directly into the story).

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