Millen on the Move!

Shona Gatenby
Millen Primary School

So much has happened at Millen Primary School during 2020 to drive forward sustainability through student activities, staff mentoring and parental involvement. We have started a staff/parent group called "Planet Millen" to target the Sustainable Schools WA Strategy, and the "Booja Band" from our Year 4 students. Part of Planet Millen's target is to support, encourage and enable the increased use of active transport to and from school by students and parents. So the Your Move Team at Millen now has 5 active student members (another post pending for their introduction!), a staff leader and 2 active parent support members. Today we all met with Sam from the DoT to share our ideas and get some welcome support to finally get our show on the road (or bike path!). The student team name and members will be announced shortly, but they have already come up with a reward scheme for students arriving at school on bikes and scooters, and are working on a way to reward walkers to school. The Your Move team is planning to issue a Parent Survey before the end of Term 1, start advertising the activity of the Your Move group at the school this year, and to start planning a few informal Walking School Bus routes for Term 2. We are so excited to be making this happen at long last!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back everyone for 2021! Thanks for sharing all your plans for the year - that has earned you 25 points. Make sure you do let us know about your new team as that will be worth another 65 points! For now I have also given you a 10 point bonus for the "good read" factor of your story. I like how you are linking Your Move into Planet Millen - it might be worth sharing some more details of how this adult group works as it could potentially be linked to the "Volunteer Power" activity. See you!

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