Sporting Schools Grant - Bike Education

Sam Maguire
Millen Primary School

Millen Primary School was successful in applying for an Australian Sports Comission Sporting Schools Grant in term 1 and used the funds to run bike education sessions for all year 3 and 4 students. People on Bicycles ran weekly hour long sessions for each class across a 4 week period.To find out more about the Sporting Schools Grant visit:

Jamie Petrovich the Phyiscal Education teacher at Millen said, "The People on Bicycles sessions was a fantastic experience for all my year 3 and 4 students. Christina was extremely knowledgeable on bike safety and engaging the students with interactive and hands on experiences.You can tell the students loved doing the activities from the smiles on their faces and the interactions with Christina, her helpers and their peers. It is from these lessons the students can take this knowledge to become confident riders outside of school. Minimising accidents and dangers associated with bike travel in the future."
Mr P also said that, "Special mention should also go to the students who did not know how to ride but after the 4 weeks gained immense confidence to be able to ride independently. This was one of the rewarding experiences with the sessions. Gifting these students all the joys of riding a bike. Something every kid should have the opportunity to achieve. Thanks again Christina for such a wholesome, enjoyable experience for the kids. From all the positive interactions with parents and students during and after the lessons, this is something I will be continuing at Millen for years to come."

Well to everyone involved in the awesome initiative!

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James (Your Move)

That is excellent news Sam 🗞️😁. It is always handy to read stories like this showing what you can actually achieve through a particular grant. You have earned 20 points for applying for this grant, 80 points for running the Bike Ed and 10 for sharing the details of how the sessions have been rolling out (that link is a help too!).

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