Hands Up Survey at Mindarie

Keryn Williamson

Yesterday at Mindarie Primary School, student leaders conducted our Term 2 Transport Survey. The student councillors visited each class conducting a 'Hands Up Survey'. The Survey asked questions about how students travelled to school. The options provided on the survey were the same as Term 1, so that we could compare our previous results. The options that were provided for the survey were as follows; how many students, walk, ride, travel by car or catch public transport to get to school each week?

From the results on the day, we can see that walking at Mindarie Primary School has increased by 6% but bike riding has decreased by 19%. Next week we will be conducting another whole school and staff 'walk to school day' which we will continue to promote a healthy lifestyle and promote walking and riding to school. This will also assist easing traffic around our community and making it safer for students and families to get on the move. We look forward to this whole school event. Attached below is a copy of our whole school survey and the results from each class around the school.

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Thank you for sharing your numbers, Keryn. I have added 10 points for sharing your story along and including hands up survey template. All the best with the event!

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