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Andrew Gould
Mindarie Primary School

After our really successful initial meeting, I gathered the Student Leaders together today to continue our discussions around the Your Move inititatve. I left them with a copy of the Activities List and Program Planer to read and think about, and the students did not disappoint!

We have a solid plan that the Student Leaders will be fufilling over the next three weeks and then again into Term Four.

Week 8

National Walk to School Day and Preparation

  • Circulating posters to classrooms
  • Presenting in each class about the day and the benefits to health and the community
  • Coordinating with the PBS Reps to reward students with PBS Stamps in their diary
  • Designing, printing, cutting out reward stickers for people who walk on the day
  • Coordination of Student Leaders at each gate for the arrival of each student

Week 9

Article in School Newsletter

'Promote the Your Move message by writing an article about your activities in your school newsletter. We want to simply spread the word, and promote the work of the student leadership team. What are some of the things that we are going to be doing as a team? You might want to include some statistics that we took? Were you surprised by the data? What about a photo of the bike racks too?'

Week 10

Student Written Article on Your Move

Define your initial issues that we face at Mindarie Primary School, and identify barriers and come up with some solutions. Then write an article identifying several barriers you might face in:

(a) using active transport to travel to school/work
(b) in implementing the Your Move program.

This could involve other student leadership groups (Think PBS Reps, Enviro Rangers e.t.c) in your school, as well as other parent groups (Think P&C, Fathering Project) to talk about what your want to achieve in the first few months. Brainstorm solutions to combat these barriers.

Video For Virtual Assembly

The Student Leaders want to create an explanatory video of what the Your Move initiative is, and how they are implementing change at MPS.

Term Four

  • Using the drone and iPads to create safety videos and messages about crossing roads.
  • Cycle safety workshop.
  • Bike rack improvements (second gate for seperate exit and entry to reduce congestion).
  • Complete infrastructure audit.
  • Write article for the Wanneroo Newspaper
  • Research SDERA Challenges and Choices - Focus Area 4 Pedestrian safety and run student led workshops
  • School colouring in competition with student made colouring in art.
  • Walk to School Banner Competition
  • Ride to School Day
  • Walk to School Day
  • Scoot to School Day

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James (Your Move)

What a plan! Excellent that the team worked through the activities list - with the result being such a comprehensive plan. I can see that we will be hearing lots from Mindarie over the next few months - and with the drone in action hopefully we'll get to see a video or two too! You earned 25 points for getting your plan together plus a big bonus of 20 points for sharing so many details.

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