Safe Route to School Planning Meeting

Keryn Williamson

During our student leadership meeting on the 4/5/21, student councillors from Mindarie Primary School met to discuss the implementation of our 'Safe Route to School' competition. We decided on a whole school colouring competition. This competition allows students at M.P.S the opportunity to create a design which incorporates a safe walking/ riding to school message.

These designs along with their messages, will in turn be made into floor stickers that can be placed at specific safe points around the community. Student councillors discussed safe travelling messages that others could follow while on route to school each day. These stickers will guide students and remind them of safe behaviours whilst getting on the move. Some of the messages that we brainstormed were as follows. 'Walk with a Friend’, 'Stop, Look and Listen', 'Stay on the Pathway',' Get active in your community,' 'Be aware of your surroundings' and 'Say Safe'.

The Planning for this competition is well underway and roles have been assigned. Students are creating posters and templates for the competition. Students will hopefully enjoy the opportunity to have some of their artwork around the community with great safety/active messages not only for our school but the wider community. Attached are the minutes from the student council meeting. I look forward to updating 'Your Move' with the ongoing planning, whole school competition and final outcomes.

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This is a great way to encourage road safety, Keryn. You have earned 10 points for running regular meeting, I have also added 10 points for your story and for sharing such detailed meeting minutes! We'd love to see a story about the competition entries (worth 25 points) and please let us know how the safe routes to school activity progresses.

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