Freaky Friday Ride to School Day!

Alison Robb

Hop on your bike, scooter or skateboard and leave the car at home or if more practical, park your car further away from the school and walk over here.

On Friday the 13th of March, Mosman Park Primary School held a ride your bike to school day. As a surprise, anyone who arrived by bike, scooter or skateboard received a spooky Friday the 13th sticker. Students were also welcomed to school with a collection of fruits from the Mosman Park Coles. The fruits were for all students and staff even if they didn't bring their bike.

This was to encourage the students to travel to school without vehicles and get some physical exercise while receiving an award.

By Matilda and Coco.

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

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James (Your Move)

Well this one almost slipped through the net! I just read your story Matilda and Coco - thanks for sharing your Freaky Friday Ride to School day. I hope everyone enjoyed the day and their spooky sticker reward. You have earned 40 points for your event, plus a bonus 5 for it being from students' perspectives.

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