Be Our Best… Bike Education!

Cherrie Fletcher

The Year 4 and 5 students at MHPS have just completed a program in Bike Education.

What did we learn…

· Use the two finger salute to check that my helmet fits correctly.

· Indicate using hand signals.

· Seat height needs to be right.

· Suitable clothing is important.

· Check driveways.

· Stay on the left and give way to the right.

· Look both ways.

· Maintain your bike.

…and lots more!

This course is run annually for these year levels and we love Mr Slee our Bike Ed instructor.

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Great posters, Mt HPS.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Cherrie - your posters and points learnt have really brought this story to life (and earned you a 10 point bonus). I have also linked your story to the "Bike Education sessions" activity which has earned you 80 points. Mr Slee seems a real hit!

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David (Your Move)

Brilliant stuff Cherrie, Mr Slee and Mt Hawthorn. Learning the basics early sets you up for a lifetime on two wheels!

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