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School Newsletter Article- 18 October 2018

The school has recently become involved in the Your Move Program. Your Move is a community based behaviour change program run by the Department of Transport that supports schools, workplaces and individual participants to reduce their car use and instead try walking, bike riding, and public transport to get around their city and local area.

The Year 4 students have become our Monday Move it Marshals. They can be seen at all the entrances to the school on Monday mornings, rewarding students who walk, ride or scoot to school.
Students are rewarded with faction counters, which they place in the tally tubes. The winning faction is recognised with extra faction points, which go towards the end of term results.
Through our involvement in the program we are hoping to; alleviate traffic congestion around the school, encourage health and fitness habits, reduce our carbon footprint and develop student road safety and awareness.
Stay tuned for lots more to come from our involvement in Your Move.

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James (Your Move)

Well done for promoting YM through your newletter - I've linked this story to the activity "Write a report in your school newsletter for the first time" - and so you received an additional 25 points.

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