Monday Move it Marshals

Cherrie Fletcher
Mount Hawthorn Primary School

The Year 4 students at Mount Hawthorn Primary School are busy on Monday mornings rewarding all students who RIDE, WALK or SCOOT.

Students are rewarded with Faction Tokens which they place in their Faction Bonus Points Tube.

The Faction Bonus Points System is a major part of our School Wide Positive Behaviour Program.

The Year 4 Marshals are planning to be out and about, two to three days a week, next Term to encourage MOVING IT without a car.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Cherrie - It's great to see you linking YM into your faction points scheme. I've given you 80 points for having a regular active transport day in term 3. Make sure you give us an update each term to maximise points. Also can you please confirm that you did an online induction session with David or Carol-Ann and I can give you some more points!

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Thanks James. The students are enjoying a new avenue of earning points for their Faction. Our Faction Points System is linked to all whole school programs. Positive Behaviours, Values and Virtues, Sustainability and Sportsmanship are just to name a few. I haven't done the online induction. Will get to it.

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