WES is leading the way at Mount Hawthorn Primary. He leads the way in our school’s approach to Waste Energy Sustainability. He is a model for our students and even rides his scooter to school. We have a competition in the pipeline where students are designing environmentally futuristic ways for WES to get to school.

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I am a BIG fan of WES! Way to go Mount Hawthorn Primary. Building Your Move into this holistic approach to waste, energy and sustainability is brilliant.

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James (Your Move)

I love it! Was the City of Vincent involved with this, or anyone else? It looks fantastic and a great way to promote active travel - thus it has earned you 25 YM points!

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Thanks Carol-Ann and James. WES was created especially for our school by a parent. The student leadership team got together and came up with his name, which stands for our school approach to WASTE ENERGY and SUSTAINABILITY.

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David (Your Move)

This is awesome! What a great way to put a fun focus on some very important topics. Look forward to hearing what WES gets up to this year.

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