WOW What a Wonderful Message!!!

Cherrie Fletcher

The Year 1 students from Room 10 at Mount Hawthorn Primary bowled the school over with their knowledge on Road Safety. The things they had learnt during their lesson from SDERA (School Drug Education & Road Aware) and also visiting The Constable Care Safety School were put together in a very entertaining and educational assembly item.

The performance included cars, ambulances, the CAT bus and bicycles, and all the important safety messages surrounding them. The catchy tune included in the performance had the whole school singing.

As part of the Road Safety Program the students have been collecting data on passing traffic. They have used this data to practise constructing Bar Graphs.

The class assembly included lots of input from the parent group through creating props and costumes. The student’s new knowledge is rubbing off on the parents, who are changing their approach to traveling to school. This is very evident in the School’s Hands Up Survey Results. Well done Room 10!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Cherrie - reading your story and looking at those photos I feel like I was at the assembly in person! And that is why you have earned 20 points for the 'outstanding' nature of this activity (on top on the standard 30 points for including YM in an assembly item). What great news also that your HU surveys are showing a positive change!

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