Annual Reflection

John Salamastrakis
Mount Lawley Primary School

As the new school year begins at Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS), we take time to reflect on the year that was, where we were, where we want to be, to help guide us through 2021.

2020 started with a plan! The Traffic Mangaement Group (TMG) brainstormed many ideas in conjunction with the MLPS Principal, Cavelle Monck. We moulded the plan and developed it further based on - education, collaborations, execution, analysis and reflection.

We held many fun events and strategised to help shape and create new habits of safety for the teachers and students of MLPS. Some of these events/ planning sessions/ initiatives included:

  • Facilitating bicycle education sessions for junior students using Your Move points
  • Travel Fest - a program run by the Department of Transport’s (DoT) Your Move program in partnership with the City of Stirling (City)
  • Conducted a survey and prepared for the Safe Routes program, a program held by DoT in conjunction with the City
  • Bicycle Network Ride2School
  • Parked for the Planet
  • National walk safely to school day
  • Lobbying the City for better signage
  • Improvement to Kiss n Drive and enhanced traffic safety
  • Hosted a National Road Safety Week morning tea and promoted the Road Safety Commission’s road safety messages
  • Being recognised by Your Move with the ‘Innovative award’!

A culmination of the above resulted in more bike bays needed for students in term 4. Thankfully, the TMG are in the process of using the Your Move Connecting School Grant to alleviate this issue.

We look forward to further nurturing the behaviour we have seen grow over the past year. For us, the highlight of 2020 was to see the MLPS kids participating in many fun activities and learning lots of important travel and safety information!

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James (Your Move)

Hi John - and welcome back to all at MLPS for 2021! What a great way to start off the year, with a reminder of all the amazing things you achieved last year. Great to hear that demand for bike parking is on the up and that you have a plan to deal with that. Yes - at Your Move we believe FUN should always be at the top of the agenda - excellent to hear that there is plenty of that happening at Mount Lawley! You have earned 15 points for your reflection plus a bonus 10 for sharing so much in your story.

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