As part of unlocking the Super Boost Package, i.e. achieving Bronze status in the Your Move program and completing a ‘Hands Up Survey’, Mount Lawley Primary School was eligible to receive FREE bike maintenance. Thanks Your Move!

It was a cold and rainy day, and therefore, we did not see as many bikes in the bike locker area as usual. However, we have some avid student riders out there, and they received the benefits of a free safety bike check!

It is important to regularly check your bike to ensure they are safe and are in good working order. For more info on bike maintenance, check out the Department of Transport bike maintenance checklist, or book your bike into Bike Dr:

A big thank you to the Bike Dr gurus for fixing MLPS student bikes, plus ensuring a smooth bike maintnance session was provided. Last but not least, thank you to Principal Sandra Martin, Gina and Cherie for facilitating the session.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sharnie - thanks for sharing how you used your Super Boost package - that has earned you 40 points 😊. It is great to hear that the Bike Dr was so well received despite the inclement weather!

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