Bob & Betty Campaign

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

One of the MLPS P&C parents suggested the Traffic Mangement Group should use the 'Bob & Betty' campaign to spruce up promotion of safe commuting to school, walking/ riding/ scootering where possible, being respectful to the traffic rules and other good behaviours being adopted by the school community.

We implemented this campaign and it has been a positive way to spread the safe traffic messages.

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James (Your Move)

I love it! Where do the 'cards' you have shown appear? You have earned 25 points for promoting active travel, plus a massive 40 point bonus for the innovation of this new campaign.

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Trevor (Your Move)

I love it too!.. who came up with the artwork and text, was it the students? Bob is awesome.. I like BoB. :)

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Artwork came from one of our talented parents, as did the idea. We use them on your P&C Facebook posts.

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