Mount Lawley Primary School P&C Traffic Group partnered with the School’s Sustainability Committee to celebrate World Environment Day on Friday June 5th. Working together we sponsored a colouring in competition with a theme of alternative green ways to get to and from school.

Using Connect to get the word out, the students’ excitement was fantastic to see. Competition entries came pouring in with well over 50% of students participating, with 261 entries from Pre-Primary through Year 6. The competition standard was very high, and the Traffic Group had a difficult time selecting two winners from each class to have a total of 36 winners across the school.

The school’s Library Office kindly donated prizes and all entries were displayed in the library, reinforcing the environmental message of using green transportation to get to school, supported by a display of relevant books students can borrow to learn more.

The school students, Sustainability Committee and Traffic Group had a great time working together to have a successful and colourful way to celebrate World Environment Day!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Neil - thanks for sharing this comprehensive run down of Mt Lawley's World Environment Day celebration. It looks like your Traffic Group, Sustainability Committee and library staff did a great job of bringing out the active travel elements. You have earned 15 points for your competition and 10 points for sharing so many details.

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