Connecting Schools Grant! Let's walk, cycle & scoot!

Sharnie Stuart

The State Government has just launched the Connecting Schools Grant, and $115,000 of funding is up for grabs! Funding to help schools improve existing infrastructure, procure new infrastructure (bicycle/ pedestrian networks and bike racks etc…), or arrange bike education sessions for children and much MORE! Check out these links for more info!

Yesterday Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) was lucky enough to host the launch of the Connecting Schools Grant. MLPS has been registered in the Your Move program since late 2019. Since then we have held several events and encouraged road safety, walking, cycling and scootering to school. Our school community has been very supportive of these events and have enjoyed partaking in them. Some of today’s activities included:

  • Visit from Minister for Transport – Hon Rita Saffioti and MLA Simon Millman
  • Bicycle obstacle course
  • FREE Coffee
  • Your Move Spot prizes
  • Eating healthy snacks

To get this event up and running, we had the support from the Department of Transport, MLPS Principal, Traffic Management Group (TMG) representatives, Little Retro Rascal coffee van, parents, volunteers and students of the school (sports faction and vice captains). It was a successful morning that promoted healthy and active modes of transport to school. The kids loved it! Check out these posters, photos and media posts!

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James (Your Move)

What an inspiring event Sharnie! Mount Lawley PS has really been a great host to our supportive MPs and shown the kids how much fun active travel is too - well done! You have earned 50 points for your launch event and 30 points for including activities like the obstacle course. You also got a couple of bonuses - 20 points for the 'outstanding' factor of your event and another 10 for such a stimulating write-up.

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