International Walk to School Month - October

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

To kick start term 3, MLPS Traffic Management Group organised an 'International Walk to School Month in October' event. We encouraged people to walk, ride and scooter. Plus we organised a coffee van operator at Hamer Park to entice people to park at Hamer, grab a coffe and walk to school. The aim of this initiative was to reduce traffic congestion around the school including encouraging the use of alternative transportation modes.

With the support of the City of Stirling and our coffee van operator Carol 'Little Retro Rascal' we managed to get more people out of their cars and walk/ ride/ scoot!

Here's our promotional poster!

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James (Your Move)

Nice retrospective on your Walk to School event Sharnie. Did it run for a whole fortnight? You earned 40 points for this event, but maybe more if it did run for an extended period. Also did you record at all how many people got involved (or how many coffees were handed out!)?

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