MLPS - National Walk Safely to School Day 2020

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

It was such a beautiful morning, with perfect weather for ‘National Walk Safely to School Day'!

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Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) Traffic Management Group (TMG) arranged a walking event. Parents, teachers and students helped make the event successful. The following preparation and activities occured:

  • MLPS registered for the event;
  • The MLPS Principal promoted the event in two Connect app notices circulated in advance of the event;
  • Parent volunteers created and promoted the event in two P&C Facebook messages, with one of the messages displaying a colouring in activity for the children;
  • Parent volunteers organised National Walk Safely to School Day stickers to be printed;
  • Parents and teachers handed out stickers to the children as they walked through the school gates. Thank you to our parents, and teachers Ms Monck and Miss Baros; and
  • The walking event was reinforced during the morning's school assembly, and additional stickers were distributed to students.

MLPS community are definitely noticing a change around the school! Miss Baros said “I have noticed many more children walking to school since the weather has improved”. Jodie a parent bike rider (with her daughter Adele) mentioned “riding and walking is a lot easier than driving in congested areas. It’s also such a great way to get your daily exercise”.

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James (Your Move)

What a brilliant team effort! It certainly looks like everyone had a great time (I'm sure the doggy was happy on the inside!!). Your big WS2SD event has earned you 40 points (I linked it to the relevant activity for you), plus you received a bonus of 20 points for sharing so much detail of your breakdown of tasks. Enjoy the last few days of term 3!

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Thanks James!!

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