National Ride 2 School Day

Anthea Baros

On Friday 19th of March, we held our National Ride 2 School Day and Harmony Day Celebration. Students were encouraged to decorate their bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades using the colour of orange, to represent Harmony Day.

The Sustainability Captains made posters to promote the event, and handed out stickers to students who rode to school that day. They led by example by riding and walking to school that day, decorating their helmets for cultural awareness as well as safety. They noticed a lack of cars and traffic around the school that morning and afternoon.

From The Sustainability Captains

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Love it! Harmony Day, Ride2School Day, skateboards and bikes...what better way to enjoy the day!

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James (Your Move)

I agree with Sharnie - wheels and harmony are a great combination! Not to mention the cello!! You have earned 40 points for your R2SD event, 20 points for the dressup element and 10 for giving us all the details of you day and promotion. Can you clarify one point - when you say the story is "from The Sustainability Captains" does that mean that a student wrote it? If so let me know and I can give you another 5 points.

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Hi James - they sure did, as part of their meeting agenda last week! Just a quick once over was needed from me to check for spelling and grammar :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Anthea - that's another 5 points!

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