National Road Safety Week 2021 – Silhouette People

Sharnie Stuart

Bright and colourful silhouette people designs were produced over the last few months in order to display during National Road Safety Week 2021 (NRSW) to remind motorists / pedestrians of the importance of road safety. A collaborative effort made NRSW a success at Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS).

The dedicated MLPS Sustainability / Traffic Management Group (TMG) students hosted the NRSW themed assembly, and it involved the following:

  • students preparing and presenting speeches outlining why road safety is essential;
  • providing an overview of the safety measures being implemented around the school, e.g. footpath stencils, infrastructure auditing and the Safe Routes program by CoS/ the Your Move Department of Transport team;
  • showcasing safe road crossings with the support from a crossing guard; and
  • emphasising sustainability transportation methods to minimise traffic congestion/ reducing safety implications around schools.

Lots of planning was undertaken prior to NRSW. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the City of Stirling (City), particularity Shane Pope, as the City instigated and sponsored this project! The Balcatta Mens Shed (Alan Robson) and the cutting out of the plywood silhouette people from the designs from the talented artist. Our hard working MLPS TMG representative, Neil Brodie, to make this come into fruition with our MLPS Principal Sandra Martin. Last but not least, our volunteers, including our fantastic P&C marketing gurus posting a Face Book video reinforcing NRSW.

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Natasha (Your Move)

What a beautiful addition to the school! Well done Sharnie and everyone involved for making this happen. You've earned 40 points for hosting an special school event and 25 points for including Your Move as an assembly item. I also added 20 points for your story, keep up the great work!

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