Now U See It – More Bike Racks at MLPS

Neil Brodie

Mount Lawley Primary School recently completed the second phase of its upgrade to its bicycle parking facilities to address the overflow of bike due to the increase in cycling and scooting to school we have seen since joining the Your Move program. By using our Connecting School Grants to upgrade our Third Avenue facilities earlier this year we were left with U racks that were available to relocate over to Second Avenue.

Before we had racks to accommodate 16 bikes.

Afterwards we have an additional 14 bike parking spaces in this area.

There is no excuse to ride or scoot to school each day!!

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James (Your Move)

An excellent use of resources and a great example of "re-use, repair, recycle"! For upgrading this parking you have earned another 80 points, plus 10 for clearly outlining how it worked. Too true, Neil - no excuses!

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Trevor (Your Move)

Hi Sharnie, This is fantastic to see the old U-Rails relocated to the other location at the front of the school as we imagined! Are there plans for a gate to enter this space and a roof to keep the bikes dry??

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Trevor, fences, gates and a roof will be in the next phase when funding and resources allow.

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