Q3/ Q4 Meetings & Planning

Sharnie Stuart

Today has been busy for Mount Lawley Primary School's (MLPS) Principal and Traffic Management Group (TMG). In the morning MLPS met with representatives from the Department of Transport (DoT) and a representative from Behaviour Design Works (BDW). Some of the topics of discussion included:

  • 'Safe Active Travel to School' program which involves DoT, BDW and MLPS school community getting together to select safe pedestrian routes, use stencils and paint on paths to create fun, interesting and safe walkable paths;
  • Safe Active Travel Audit Report and its content, e.g. inclusion of Nearmap diagrams, representation of an 800m & 400m walkable radius, selection of potential "safe routes" and selection of minor infrastructure improvement works including incorporation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators where needed; and
  • Undertaking of a 'Hands Up' survey for baseline data as part of the stencil and paint program.

In the evening the TMG got together, brainstormed and planned future events and traffic matters. We strategised how we can continue the momentum and involve the school community in Your Move and other road safety initiatives.

Lots of work to be done! Although, it's one step at a time! ;-)

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear about your TMG brainstorming, strategising and planning session with DoT and BDW. As you haven't yet posted a 'planning session' story this term, I have re-linked your story to that activity which is worth 15 points, plus 10 for sharing all the details of your meeting. Getting a Safe Active Travel to School program in place will be a great foundation for further active travel initiatives.

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