In Week 2 of this term, Mount Lawley Primary School's Traffic Management Group and Principal met to agree on a detailed plan for Term 1 activities and a broader plan for the remainder of the year.

We started the year with our Hands Up survey. Following this, every Year 1 student will attend weekly Bike Education sessions during March and April. This is a programme run by People on Bicycles and is funded through points raised by the school's participation in the Your Move initiative.

Further activities are planned for later in the year and these include, amongst others, SDERA and monster painted pavements for our kindy community, National Ride2School Day, trialing Walking Buses, Walk Safely to School Day, and World Bicycle Day.

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Natasha (Your Move)

Thank you for sharing your fantastic 2022 plans with us, Manjusha! It seems that there is a lot to look forward to this year and we can't wait to read all about it 😃 You have earned 15 points for having a planning session and I added 10 points for your story detail. Well done🌟

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