Safe Routes Program 2021 – Stencilling, Hands Up & Interviews

Sharnie Stuart

Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) has been involved in the Your Move / City of Stirling ‘Safe Routes to School’ program since August 2020. So much time has been invested in this program by agencies, teachers, students, the P&C’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) and the community. MLPS would like to thank the Department of Transport (DoT) and City of Stirling (CoS) for making these routes happen.

This program has helped paint a picture (literally) along the footpaths of MLPS and brighten up the suburb. Here’s a timeline of events:

  • Your Move contacted the school, then met with MLPS Principal and P&C to outline process;
  • Conducted infrastructure safe routes survey and gauged community feedback on safety issues/ good routes to school;
  • DoT compiled responses and determined safe routes;
  • In the background DoT collaborated with the CoS to agree on infrastructure locations that need improvements;
  • MLPS sustainability/ TMG students were selected to do an 'on the ground' stencilling painting activities; and
  • Natasha the behavioural expert from B-Designworks conducted a Hands Up survey, plus interviews with teachers, students & a TMG rep.

The roll out of this program has definitely made its mark within the community. Kids stop at the painted footpath ‘stop’ signs and they read the colourful MLPS signs that state the time it takes to ride/ walk to school. It’s great to see the kids interacting with these signs. Several parents have expressed their appreciation of the program too and have indicated it's a fantastic outcome!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Sharnie for letting everyone know exactly how all the parties came together at Mt Lawley to make this Safe Routes activity a reality. Your detailed and engaging story has earned you 20 points on top of the 70 points you earn for the Safe Routes activity. Great to hear it has been so well received 😍.

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Trevor (Your Move)

Great stuff Sharnie, it's been awesome working with MLPS, the P&C’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) and the community on this project. The results speak for themselves and hopefully mean more kids and their parents walking, scooting or riding to school.

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You're welcome James. Trevor, thanks so much for all of your hard work! It is amazing to see how much work and effort is put in to the program.

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