Start of Year Hands Up Survey

Anthea Baros
Mount Lawley Primary School

Today Mount Lawley Primary School completed our very first Hands Up Survey for the year. It was pleasing to see that some students were riding or walking to school, but we still had large numbers of students coming in cars. We hope that the remaining warm weather will encourage more students to walk and ride in the coming weeks. Regardless, our new Your Move Student Committee will be thinking up ways to improve for next time.

Our wonderful and newly appointed Sustainability Captains are seen above conducting the survey in Room 1 Year 6. As a new initiative for 2021, our Sustainability Captains will also make up our Your Move Student Committee. The Sustainability Captains are excited to take on this new role, promoting more sustainable ways for our students to get to school. Stay tuned for a story on their first meeting!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Anthea and the Sustainability Champs! Thanks for sharing your first HUS experience this year. You automatically earn 50 points for uploading your results from term 1 - and I have given you 10 points for giving us a good read. I look forward to hearing about your first team meeting!

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