Term 1 Meeting (Planning Term 2)

Sharnie Stuart

On Thursday, the P&C’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) met to discuss traffic, safety, and alternative transportation. We had such a productive meeting. Afterwards, we ensured the MLPS Principal (Sandra Martin) and Acting Deputy Principal (Anthea Baros) were informed of the TMG’s plans and gained their support.

We are so grateful the MLPS staff has established an official TMG / Sustainability Student Leadership team to assist in inspiring and advocating students to cycle, walk, scoot and skateboard!

The TMG in conjunction with its MLPS Student Team will continue to send positive active transport messages to the school community!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sharnie - thanks for sharing the inside story of your regular meeting. From reading the (extremely!) fine print of your minutes I can see that you have some real plans in place, so I have upgraded the linked activity to "Define your issues and make a plan" which gives you 25 points (you can get this once per year). You also get 10 points for giving us all those details. I look forward to seeing these Term 2 plans fall into place!

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