Term 2 Newsletter 2021 – Connecting Schools Grant & more

Sharnie Stuart

Sustainability, road safety and promotions are common themes included in the fortnightly Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) Traffic Management Group (TMG) newsletter segment.

Many topics have been covered in the Term 2 TMG newsletter section, including World Bicycle Day, National Road Safety Week, repurposing / installing new bike racks thanks to the Connecting Schools Grant program, and the Safe Routes to School joint venture between the Department of Transport’s Your Move program and the City of Stirling.

This newsletter shows the difference Your Move and other agencies are making!

One of the most meaningful aspects of including the TMG segment into the fortnightly newsletter is that you get to reinforce the importance of road safety, sustainability and capturing the accumulative efforts the community are making to influence positive change. A big thank you to the teachers, sustainability students and community of MLPS.

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James (Your Move)

It is great to hear that you have a fortnightly segment in the newsletter Sharnie. Although we can only give the 22 points for the "Newsletter" activity once per term, we will keep giving you the 'bonus' points for all the newsletter updates you give - so you still get the 10 points for giving us all the details of your TMG update. So please keep them coming! It's great to see you keeping Your Move out there in the collective consciousness of the school community.

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