Term 3 Planning 2021 – Tour de Next Term

Sharnie Stuart

Every term Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) P&Cs Traffic Management Group (TMG) meets with the Principal. We discuss lessons learnt and up and coming TMG safety, sustainability and cycling/ walking promotions including important announcements. It is also a great session to reflect on completed tasks and the work achieved over the term.

Succession planning was also on the agenda. The TMG would like to farewell Neil Brodie, the founder of the MLPS P&Cs TMG. Neil has been integral to the TMG and a key influencer in MLPS achieving the many successes during his tenure, including installing new bike racks, repurposing bike racks, extending Kiss n Drive, and instigating / producing the P&Cs TMG annual plan to encourage sustainability, road safety and etiquette amongst the community. We wish Neil all the best with his future endeavours!

Next term is ‘Park it for the Planet’ and ‘World Car Free Day’. MLPS is planning at least one event…Let’s all work together to make an incremental sustainable difference!

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James (Your Move)

I'm glad you gave Neil a good send off - he certainly has done a great job, and your story really makes all his many recent achievements very clear. Great to hear that you are all working together to keep the momentum going - I look forward to hearing how the Term 3 events go. You have earned 15 points for your T2 planning story plus 20 points for giving us a great read and including so much info. See you in a couple of weeks 😎!

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Thanks for the kind words Sharnie. I enjoyed my time on the TMG. With your leadership the team will do great things.

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Thanks James. Well deserved Neil! Thank you, I hope to continue the momentum.

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