Walk Safely to School Day - "Active Kids are Smarter Kids"

Sharnie Stuart

Many Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) students participated in the ‘Walk Safely to School Day’ event.

We were lucky enough to have a special visit from Councillor Suzanne Migdale, a City of Stirling Mount Lawley ward representative. The City Council and staff have been big advocates in supporting walking, riding, scooting and alternative transport methods. This is evident through the Department of Transport’s/ City’s combined effort in rolling out the Safe Routes to School campaign throughout several schools within the City, MLPS being one of them.

MLPS Principal, Sandra Martin proactively promoted the event via a Connect notice. Our very supportive P&C volunteers posted it on the P&C Facebook page and registered our school in the event on the website, https://www.walk.com.au/WSTSD/. Students/ teachers posted posters around the school, hung up balloons and ensured our ‘Think safety first’ sign was displayed in full view.

Students rocked up to school and were happy to receive an ‘Active kids are smarter kids’ tattoo and an ‘I love walking’ sticker for walking, riding, scooting and skateboarding. It was a pleasure to see students smiling faces and the support received from MLPS teachers and parents/ carers, and the community.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sharnie - yes, the power of those active travel induced smiles is always a wonderful thing, isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing the joy of Mt Lawley's NWS2SD event - it has earned you 40 points, plus 10 for your social media promotions and another 10 points for not skimping on any of the details of your big day. When the timing is right, don't forget to let us know how the Safe Routes activity went.

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