Year 1 Bike Session Story Exercise

Sharnie Stuart

Four weeks of year 1 bike sessions have come to an end for Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) students. These sessions were successful and the P&Cs Traffic Management Group (TMG) have heard many fantastic reviews, including their children learning how to ride. What a great life skill to achieve.

To recount one of the bike sessions, Ms Praizelin's year 1 class wrote about their experience. Some of the year 1s reflected on the following:

  • putting on helmets to be safe;
  • how to scan for safety first and then ride their bike;
  • how to safely dismount off their bike; and
  • playing the Simon Says game.

MLPS is thankful to Your Move and People on Bikes as it has definitely helped many year 1 students improve their bike skills.

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James (Your Move)

It really is amazing how quickly kids do pick it up with concentrated bike ed sessions - well done for organising this for Term 1. I like how Praizelin built on this for her writing activity - and she has earned 15 points in the process, and you have earned another 10 for sharing the details of how the activity worked 😊.

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