Year 1 Bike Sessions 2022 - off to a good start

Sharnie Stuart

For several years now Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) has taken advantage of the Your Move program and the points accumulated from posting stories on the Your Move forum. As a result, Bike Education for year 1 students can occur for free!

Since inception of the MLPS P&C's Traffic Management Group (TMG), it was decided that year 1 bike sessions should be held to start or improve on children's bike riding skills. MLPS and the P&C would like to thank Your Move and People on Bikes to be able to deliver this program to our year 1s. In essence, year 1s can become familiar and comfortable with riding bikes which may contribute to choosing active transport in the future as opposed to the car.

The start of 2022, 4 x weeks bike sessions started with the help from the awesome MLPS bike maintenance volunteers, Darryn & Rob. In addition, the newly appointed sustainability crew lent a hand. Thank you.

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James (Your Move)

Just look at all those bikes lined up ready to go! Great to hear that the year 1s are benefiting from all those points MLPS has been busy earning. You have earned 80 points for these sessions, and I have also given you 50 points for the maintenance sessions done by your volunteers. Enjoy the rest of your week 😎!

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