Year 1 Bike Sessions!

Sharnie Stuart

Last year bike sessions were so popular amongst the year 1 Mount Lawley Primary School’s (MLPS) students and well received by the parents, the P&C’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) decided to hold these fabulous Bicycle Education sessions once again!

With the support from MLPS’s Principal, Sandra Martin, the TMG purchased these bike sessions from the Your Move points that MLPS accumulated from its active transport involvement last year. Schools can purchase these bike sessions from the Rewards Shop and are 1000 points, here is the link if anyone wishes to purchase FYI:

Preparation of the event consisted of:

  • Seeking approval from the principal
  • Determining when to schedule in the 4 x week bike sessions
  • Informing year 1 students’ parents via the Connect notice and fortnightly newsletter
  • Arranging volunteers to undertake bike maintenance prior to the sessions

The first session which was held last Tuesday was a great success! The students loved it. One of the year 1 students said, “this day is the best ever!”, which was extremely pleasing to hear.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this informative run down of how you organised the Bike Ed sessions Sharnie. You have earned 80 points for the sessions and 10 points for giving us so many details. I love the idea of getting parent volunteers in beforehand to do some bike maintenance (and so that has earned you 15 bonus "innovation" points).

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