Year 6's Baseline Survey Data Challenge

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

Our awesome year 6 Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) students stepped up for a maths challenge...using statistics, probability and a baseline Your Move ‘Hands up’ survey! Look at the colour, variety and stats of the graphs!

To give context, last term, representatives from the Department of Transport (DoT) and Behaviour Design Works met with MLPS Principal and Traffic Management Group volunteers. The main topic of discussion was the ‘Safe Routes to School’ program. One of the key actions from this meeting was to ensure a baseline survey was conducted prior to rolling out the ‘Safe Routes to School’ program.

As part of the year 6’s math lesson, Miss Roberts year 6 teacher / Acting Deputy Principal asked her students to compare the current 'Hands Up' baseline survey results with the data extracted from the first ever ‘Hands Up’ survey. From their findings Miss Roberts said “it was great to see a shift in the other ways of getting to school rather than just in a car. It would be great to see even more students start to use other forms of transport so we can continue to make a bigger change”.

This is one of the many lesson plans that can be combined with the Your Move campaign. The students can definitely see a change!

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I love this! What a great idea! I teach Year 6 also and we are heavily involved in Your Move. We are completing a Hands Up survey very soon, so it would be great to compare data from the same time last year when we first started!

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Hi Joanna, it sounds like you'll have to do this maths lesson for your year 6's! There's other classroom activities students can do for Your Move too, search 'Classroom Activities' under the activity section and it gives you ideas. ;-)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing Miss Roberts' stats and graphing classroom activity, Sharnie. Great to hear that it really helped the kids visualise the positive changes that have been happening at MLPS. Was it a lesson plan that Miss Roberts created, or was it based on a YM one? I can't see one that quite matches your description. Either way, running the activity has earned you 15 points, plus a 10 point bonus for sharing all the details.

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