Your Move Double Platinum Status

Anthea Baros

Today we officially put up our 2020 Double Platinum award sticker in a presentation ceremony with our new Your Move Action Team, the Sustainability Captains! The Sustainability Captains were very excited to place the sticker on our sign and CELEBRATE our schools' massive achievement from 2020, especially given Celebrate is part of our school vision statement. The Captains are setting their standards high, and hoping to achieve the same or even better status for 2021! Watch this space...

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Fantastic job Sustainability / TMG team! The team is leading by example! :-)

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James (Your Move)

It looks like we'll need to add a Titanium level soon! It is lovely seening the Sustainability Captains taking the time to celebrate all the active travel achievements at Mount Lawley. You have earned 15 points for your celebration activity, plus 10 for giving us a smile at the end of the week!

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