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Sharnie Stuart

On Monday, 11 April 2022, the Your Move team provided an opportunity for champions and teachers to attend the 'Your Move Online Professional Learning' forum. Tepi Mclaughlin, a public health advocate and physical activity researcher from the Telethon Kids Institute was the guest speaker.

The session was held on Microsoft Teams and many topics of interest were covered, including:

  • How to convince others to choose active transport;
  • Benefits of riding, cycling and walking;
  • Improving infrastructure design to encourage more people to cycle & walk; and
  • Strategies that can be undertaken to influence others to walk and cycle, e.g. posting positive messages to emphasise that active transport can improve well-being, health, fitness and safety around the school.

A Department of Transport representative, Liza Picton also featured in the session via a pre-recorded video. Liza highlighted many facts, particularly in relation to the positive results achieved from the Your Move program since 2017 (look at the stats below).

The session was well organised and informative. People had the opportunity to learn about new stories / classroom / event ideas that may perhaps incrementally change people's travel behaviours for the future.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for another fun filled term of YM, Sharnie. I'm glad that you got to participate in this YM Schools PD and that you found it worthwhile. You have earned 50 points for attending and 10 points for sharing your reflections.

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