Zoom into Planning for 2021

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) P&C’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) scheduled its first planning session on Thursday 4 February. However, an unexpected potential outbreak of COVID-19 arose, and school holidays were extended. The TMG decided to continue with its planned meeting via the online meeting platform, Zoom.

Prior to the meeting a TMG representative prepared an agenda and created a 2021 calendar Excel spreadsheet that inserts important dates, tracks progress, and has space for comments. The calendar can be used as a proforma for future TMG annual planning sessions.

Some of our key focus areas included:

  • updates to the MLPS P&C Traffic Management Group Annual Plan
  • confirming bike sessions scheduled in for Year 1’s
  • Third Avenue consultation procedures for road safety, car parking upgrades
  • Safe Routes
  • Topics to be addressed in 2021’s fortnightly newsletter

Despite a few technical glitches at the beginning of our meeting, it was promptly resolved, and we breezed through our priority topics.

With lots of fun activities planned for 2021, we hope it will be an exciting year for the children and that they continue riding, scooting and walking to school.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Sharnie! It seems you and John are doing some well synchronised posting! Nice working 'zooming' into your planning for 2021 - it seems you really have a dream team there at ML. Your planning session has earned you 15 plus a bonus 10 for filling us in with all the details. See you soon no doubt!

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