And the winners are...

Andrea Smithson

Our Mount Lockyer Primary School Your Move student team did another fantastic job at today's school assembly. They are really embracing their roles and growing in confidence each term!

The focus today was on sharing the results from our Term 3 Hands Up survey, that we conducted last week. We found that 34% of students arrived at school on foot, on a bike or scooter, or came on a bus. This was similar to our Term 2 survey, so it’s great to see that the numbers haven’t dropped over winter. It also means we’ve still improved overall since the start of the year, which is more good news.

With the data we collected for the Hands Up survey, we have worked out which classrooms are this term’s top 3 active transport champions. There were some amazing results, with the top 3 classrooms having more than 60% of students using active transport.

The winners were: In 3rd place, on 63%, Room 12 (Year 5). In 2nd place, on 64%, was Room 18 (Year 3). And congratulations to the winners once again for this term, on a huge 77%, Room 25 (Year 5).

And to top off a great day - a full bike rack :)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Andrea - for some reason I just can't get enough of sunny winter photos from the Great Southern! And even better when it is accompanied by such positive AT results. You automaticall y received 60 points for linking the story to the IC comp activity. I have also given you 25 points for your assembly item this term. The 'good read' factor also earned you 10 bonus points.

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