Over the holidays, a local concreter (father of one of our PP teachers) installed a vast extension to our current bike track in pre-primary. We now have speed humps, a pull in/layby area and a section that goes under a play fort. This has allowed our 82 students safe access to the trikes in the playground. With regular use of the bike track, which includes painted on crosswalks, it is hoped our PP students will feel confident about riding to school. We will be able to monitor this through the Hands Up surveys.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Lennon. Congratulations to all that made this happen at Mount Lockyer PS! 🥳🥳 WOW! Looks as though this generation REALLY knows what it wants! Bike paths!!!!! Progress has been made. As adults, perhaps they will be rallying together and getting bike paths all over Australia! 😉 80 points have been awarded for this great upgrade to the bike track and a bonus 10 points for sharing the results of a great intergenerational team effort! 🥳

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