End of year active transport wrap

Andrea Smithson
Mount Lockyer Primary School

As the school year comes to a close, it's time for a bit of reflection! This is the article that will be included in the final newsletter to wrap up the year's activities:

It's been a busy 2019 in all things active transport at Mount Lockyer Primary School. The involvement and support of the whole school community has meant we've been able to get a lot of things happening this year - here are some of the highlights:

* A huge turnout for the Ride to School Day and bike parade in Term 1, and the Walk to School Day and breakfast in Term 2. * Positive results in our Hands Up surveys, with awards for classes who recorded the highest percentage of active transporters. * The introduction of a Your Move student team to help coordinate school activities. * Conducting a parent survey to identify the key issues and barriers for active transport. * Working with Lockyer Community Kindergarten to provide information for new school families. * Mr Small completed a Cycling Australia School Teachers training course. * Kicking off our regular TravelSmart Tuesdays, which will be a regular feature on the school calendar next year.

As a result of all these activities, we have reached Platinum level with the Your Move program - and we are one of only 8 schools in WA to reach that level. This means that next year we are going to have some new bike racks and a scooter rack to accommodate the growing number of students who are walking and scooting to school.

Thank you to the teachers and parents who have been involved in the Active Transport Working Group, and to Matilda, Saige, Charlotte and Toby who made up our first ever Your Move student team. Most importantly, thank you to all the students and their families who find their way to school using active transport. The more people who walk, cycle or catch the bus, the healthier we are and the less traffic we have around our school - making it a safer environment for everyone. There's some exciting plans coming together for next year, but until then - have a safe and healthy festive season.

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James (Your Move)

Good idea to publish your reflection in the newsletter - sharing the celebration with the whole school community. Well done to the working group and to Matilda, Saige, Charlotte and Toby for a fantastic 2019. Your reflection has earned you 15 points plus 22 points for publishing it in your newsletter. As usual, you also got 10 points for making a such a good read.

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