Looking ahead + great HU survey news

Andrea Smithson

As this crazy term comes to a close and some certainty returns, we've finally had a chance to do some planning for the rest of the year - and there's some great stuff coming up! We'll be able to restart our regular TravelSmart Tuesdays in Term 3, and will be working with our Year 6's to plan an active transport transition to high school. Beyond that, Term 4 is also looking like a cracker with some Bike Ed sessions planned and linking in with the incoming kindy and PP parents to promote our active transport message. Alongside all this, we'll be on the lookout for some parents/family members who are keen to come on board and get involved in our active transport initiatives.

We've also had some really positive news from our Term 2 Hands Up survey, which we conducted earlier in the term. As well as tracking our overall progress, we have looked specifically at the Year 5/6 cohort over the last couple of years. In Term 1, this group cracked the 50% mark for AT - and in Term 2 they went even higher to 52%. This is such great news and shows that with growing independence we can really see the uptake of active transport. Onward and upward!

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James (Your Move)

I really like the look of those plans Andrea - a regular AT day, bike ed and boosting parent involvement - it sounds like a killer combination! Your HUS analysis is indeed encouraging - I can see term 3 being even better too. You earned 10 points for your team planning session, plus a bonus 10 for sharing so many details. I'll be staying tuned!

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