Mapping the possibilities at Mount Lockyer

Andrea Smithson

It's been a long haul, but thanks to the persistence and commitment of Mrs Claughton and her Year 5 class, our amazing map is finally finished! Using a spreadsheet of addresses (de-identified, of course!), the students methodically located and plotted each one using a colour coded sticker to indicated the distance from school. The final result is a very clear visual story about where most of our school families live - 67% live within 2 kilometres, which is approximately a 10 minute bike ride!

The final map has been included in the school newsletter, and is on display at school for all students to have a look at. Mrs Claughton's class will also be using the map to develop some more ideas about active transport and sustainability in the final weeks of term. We hope the map will start some conversations in the school community about the possibilities for active transport, and help set some goals for 2021 and beyond.

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Excellent work, Year 5 & Mrs C! Look forward to reading of all the possibilities this informative map holds.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrea - thanks for sharing this update on your mapping project. I have given you 15 points for the additional analysis the year 5s did, plus 10 for including the scan of the map and all the details of the activity. I'll be standing by to hear what Mrs Claughton's class do next! I see there is lots of potential for this project and we'll keep scoring the activities as they develop. Amongst other milestones, I can see that you could link to the activity ‘Map safe routes to school' (when you have mapped some preferred routes); ‘Create an Access Guide’ (when you have printed the final map) and ‘Promote Active Travel’ or ‘Provide maps and AT info’ (when you start using the printed maps). On top of that, any classroom activites which explore the information, such as that planned with the year 5s in the next few weeks, would also receive points.

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