Mapping the way to active travel

Andrea Smithson

A big idea that's been bubbling away at Mount Lockyer Primary is now coming to the boil! A combination of factors - including feedback from parent surveys, ad-hoc reports from the school community about footpaths, and the work that was done a couple of years ago to create our school Park + Walk/Ride map - led us to the conclusion that what would be really useful would be a great big map where we could plot all the places where our school community live. This would be able to tell us how many students live within 1km/5km or further afield, where the main flows of students are (or could be) for walking and riding to school, and what the possibilities are to increase bus travel. So much to gain from one project!

The school administration have provided a list of de-identified addresses, which have been entered into a spreadsheet and sorted by suburb. Ms Claughton's Year 5's are now getting stuck into the nuts and bolts, and are using the list of addresses and Google maps to put stickers on the map. It's so exciting to see the project progressing, and we can't wait to share it when it's complete.

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James (Your Move)

A brilliant activity Andrea! I have linked your story to the relevant mapping activity, which gives you 15 points. But as you have taken it to the next level you also receive 20 'outstanding' points, plus 10 for not skimping on the details.

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James (Your Move)

BTW make sure you keep us up to date as you progress through this project, as I can see more points along the way, such as when you have mapped the preferred routes, produced the final map, and distributed the maps to families.

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