Missing path link gets the green light

Andrea Smithson
Mount Lockyer Primary School

Thanks to the feedback from the Mount Lockyer Primary School community, combined with some great information that we gathered from our mapping project (see previous story!) and some good timing in terms of recent funding announcements...a small but significant missing path link near the school is about to be constructed by the City of Albany. This section of path will link up a relatively new section of dual use path that goes through a big residential area (where a large proportion of the school's students live) with another section of path that leads up to the warden crossing opposite the school. Works are due to start later this month (weather permitting) so stay tuned for a grand opening!

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James (Your Move)

Excellent team work Mt Lockyer and the City of Albany! Thanks for sharing this success story Andrea. Reading the story makes it all sound so logical and easy, but I'm sure there was lots of work in the background to make this happen. Working with your LGA to achieve pathway improvements has earned you 30 points - can't wait for the grand opening!

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