National Ride To School Day: Albany

Lennon Swann

Despite a cloudy day in the Great Southern, we had a fantastic turnout this morning. Our Faction Captains did a great job handing out raffle tickets to those who chose active transport. We had over 100 students and a staff members walk, ride or scoot to school, even a Year 3 boy with a broken rib and collarbone. What a champion effort!

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James (Your Move)

HI Lennon! Firstly a big welcome to Your Move and congratulations on posting your first story. Well you chose a great time of year to sign up as you have surely realised after today 🙂. You have earned 12 points for posting your first story, 40 for having an event on NR2SD and 5 points for sharing that you had so many participants. Great to see all the excitement and enthusiasm (especially from the boy with the broken clavicle 😲). If your faction captains are constitute a regular Your Move Team don't forget to introduce them to us in another story soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

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