New bike cages feature in school upgrade

Andrea Smithson

The transformation of Mount Lockyer Primary School from it's 1950's origins to a school worthy of the 2020's is almost complete. Amongst the many fantastic improvements to the school and grounds, it's very exciting to see that the new lockable bike cage is already being well utilised by students. A second cage has also been built as part of the junior section which will be finished off later this year.

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Look forward to seeing the "new" school! Is the bike cage big enough?? It's already full! (what a great "problem" to have)

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James (Your Move)

Lookin' good 😎! The standards of bike parking at schools has really come a loooong way - so good to see. In answer to Arlene's query - I suspect (given the sizes of some of the bikes) that a few juniors are using the seniors' parking area until theirs comes on line. You have earned 80 points for this upgrade.

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