New student team hits the survey road

Andrea Smithson

Our brand new Mount Lockyer PS Your Move student team of Jack, Lily and Jacob met for the first time today. We brainstormed some ideas for Ride 2 School Day, and then it was off around the school for the first Hands Up survey of the year. The poor weather and the disruptions around the school seem to have had an impact, with a lower numbers of students than usual riding or walking to school. But that's the power of the survey data - to keep building the picture of how things move and shift over time and with changing circumstances.

It's going to be a huge year for Mount Lockyer, with the school re-build in full swing and the current school resembling a building site. We will certainly have the challenge ahead of us to keep the active transport ball rolling, but it will all be worth it in the long run when the shiny new school opens next year!

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Love your positivity, Andrea! There is ALWAYS some silver in the darkest storm cloud; sometimes you just have to look a little more carefully. WOW! A buliding site now but wait & in a while new school buildings. I am certain you & the team will come up with some innovative ways to keep everyone "on their toes!"

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James (Your Move)

I was just going to say that Warnbro had some similar reflections about their HUS - and look who has beat me to commenting on your story! Great to hear that your team has dived right into it - I bet you have stunning weather for your R2SD! You have earned 60 points for starting a team in 2021 and 10 points for giving us all a good read. Catch you soon!

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