Putting New Bikes Through Their Paces

Lennon Swann

We have steadily added to our collection of bikes at Mount Lockyer PS over the last three years. We now have enough to offer bike education sessions to our Year 6 students, with a particular focus on bike riding on the Year 6 Camp.

Our brilliant P.E. teacher completed his Bike Education Accreditation at the end of last year, so we are now all set to go with offering training for our Year Six students. With over 75 Year 6s to upskill, he should be right to enter the Tour de France by the end of the sessions.

Some of our student leaders were treated to a morning skills session.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this update on how you expanded your bike fleet through the 2022 Connecting Schools Grant 😊. Great to see the bikes being put through their paces. You have earned 40 points for letting us know how your CS Grant worked out plus 25 points for this skills session. Make sure you let us know when you roll out bike ed more broadly!

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