Walk Safely to School Day report

Andrea Smithson

Despite the constant drizzle, 49 brave Mount Lockyer Primary School students and teaching staff made the 2.2km walk from Coles Orana to school on Friday 14 May to participate in Walk Safely to School Day. The fresh conditions were no deterrent for many other enthusiastic students who also walked from home, rode their bikes, or walked part way to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise. The participants were greeted at school by Your Move champions Jack and Lilly, and extra helpers Chloe and Stella, where they were entered into a draw to win a Your Move prize pack. The lucky winners were Zethrow (Room 21), Abigail (Room 6) and Caiden (Room 23).

Congratulations to the winners and to all the students who participated on the day. A huge thanks to the dedicated teaching staff for coordinating and supervising the Walk to School event, and also to the wonderful parents that supported the day by encouraging and assisting the children to participate. Not only did students arrive alert and ready to start the day, it also reduced traffic congestion around the school. Well done to all!

This report was written by our fabulous new Your Move parent champion Mel, and it will also appear in the next school newsletter :)

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Welcome to the YM family, Champion Mel. Let's hope lots of parents note the reduced traffic around the school (on NWS2SD) & make it the norm!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Mel, Andrea and everyone at Mount Lowkyer PS! It takes more than a bit of cool weather to deter the Mt Lockyer crew, of course 😎. Your NWS2SD event earned you 40 points, plus 25 for adding in a Park & Walk element. I have also given you 22 points for your Term 2 school newsletter item and another 10 for an engaging story. Remember too, that you can earn points each term for any planning sessions (solo, or with your adult collaborators), or student team meetings you may have.

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