Your Move Schools Forum goes regional

Andrea Smithson

A big thanks to Carol-Anne and David from the Your Move team for making it possible for schools in Albany to take part in the recent Schools Forum from off-site. As much as we'd love to be there in person, a 10 hour round trip makes it pretty hard to justify! So it was great to be able to be part of the conversation and feel part of the network. It was also an excellent opportunity for the local school reps to connect and share experiences.

Now we know how to make it work - we'll look forward to being part of future events!

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Hi Andrea. Thanks for this feedback. School forums provide an important opportunity for our school reps to come together, to learn new information, share ideas with others and take away a renewed focus and sense of direction. So it was fabulous that we could include the City of Albany schools in this forum. A big thanks to you also Andrea, for helping to pull the whole 'off-site' forum together on your side! See you for the next forum :)

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear Andrea! You automatically received 50 points for linking your story to the "YM PD" activity. Maybe next time we can try some hologram technology!

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